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Vineyard Off Road Adventure

Through the famous and award winning vineyards of Halkidiki

Come along and enjoy our day trips with our well equipped, upgraded, state-of-the-art 4×4 vehicles driven by our highly experienced drivers. We will drive you through the famous and award winning vineyards of Halkidiki. This includes a landscape tour of the peninsula of Kassandra, crossing a single organic vineyard in Greece. Visitors have the opportunity to admire the majesty of mountains and impressive areas of the Domaine through rugged routes.

Stops are made at the most captivating parts of Kassandra peninsula, giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy the vast areas of the green vineyards and the blue Aegean sea. Also, the stop at the top of mountain allows visitors to enjoy the view of Halkidiki. At the Winery we will see sections of the production process, visit the cellar where the wines mature for years and,we will taste exclusive wines at the always hospitable and fresh tasting hall. There, everything is set for an exciting tasting experience that can be customized according to each visitor.

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